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Thank you for your interest in The Simply Scary Podcasts Network and our programming.

Please note that we receive a great deal of communication from fans regarding many topics.

If your message is urgent or time-sensitive, please note it in the subject line.



            submissions (at)

                WHAT TO INCLUDE:

                  • Your full legal name
                  • Your preferred pen (crediting) name (if different)
                  • Your email address
                  • A profile photo and short biography suitable for your author page on our website (example here)
                  • Any social media and/or website links you’d like to share with fans
                  • A phone number and/or website URL (if applicable/necessary)
                  • The words STORY SUBMISSION in your subject line, followed by your STORY TITLE
                  • An editable copy of your story attached in Word or OpenOffice format (no PDFs allowed), properly formatted and proofread

                    WE ARE LOOKING FOR:

                      • Original characters (those of your own design)
                      • A degree of character development appropriate for the length of your story
                      • Complete stories (no partial narratives allowed)
                      • Inventive plots (no unauthorized sequels or rehashing of tired tales)
                      • Stories written from either 1st or 3rd person perspectives
                      • Impeccable grammar, punctuation and spelling
                      • Limited, appropriate use of gore and/or violence (no glorification, promotion or encouraging of violence for its own sake)
                      • Limited (or zero) use of profanity
                      • Mild (or zero) sexual or erotic content, and nothing of a pornographic nature

                        GENERAL INQUIRIES

                            EMAIL INQUIRIES TO:

                                contact (at)

                                    WHAT TO INCLUDE:

                                      • Your name
                                      • Your email address
                                      • A phone number and/or website URL (if applicable)
                                      • The subject of your inquiry in the subject line

                                        USE INQUIRIES FOR:

                                          • General questions or concerns
                                          • Fan feedback (kind words, constructive criticism)
                                          • Suggestions / story requests
                                          • Requests for more info about staff, performers, or authors
                                          • Business or partnership opportunities
                                          • Job openings or auditions to join the team
                                          • Sponsorship or advertising offers, opportunities, or details
                                          • Collaboration requests

                                            PHYSICAL ADDRESS

                                              Chilling Entertainment, LLC
                                              PO Box 823
                                              Plover, WI 54467
                                              United States

                                              Thank you very much for your interest in our services and programming!