Season 1, Episode 12 – “From the Dark Sky”

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 12 of The Simply Scary Podcast. Our twelfth in our series is once again hosted by G.M. Danielson.

The world of film and fiction would attempt to convince us that our first meeting with extraterrestrial beings will be a cerebral, enlightening experience. They assure us that we have much to learn from each other and that it will be an encounter between conscious, sentient and benevolent minds. They sometimes paint a positively heartwarming, humorous picture, implying our interactions will eventually become routine. Their fantasy journeys attempt to assuage our fears by showing us thrilling adventures coming from our encounters. But “the truth is out there,” and we have that truth: That it will be more a cause for dread when cosmic pilgrims reach our new world shores and emerge “From the Dark Sky.”

“Forget Me Not” written by Kelsey Donald and performed by Olivia Steele. Production and score by Jesse Cornett. In this saga, we meet a young couple as they pass the time near their old school. He wants to reminisce, but she has memories that make it unbearable for her to revisit the past. But if she wants to continue her life with him, she will need him to realize the truth and remember, too.

Original illustration of “Space” by David Romero

“Space” written by Tom Farr and performed by Jesse Cornett. Production and score by Jesse Cornett. A Russian space mission is in extreme danger and the consequences will extend far beyond the crew of the shuttle. This unfortunate turn will also reach the locals around the deepest freshwater lake in the world. Coincidentally, a scientific expedition comes to explore the lake and our intrepid experts do what scientists seem to do best: go exploring without any idea of what horrors await them. 

Podcast executive produced and directed by: Craig Groshek
Podcast produced by: Jesse Cornett
Podcast hosted by: G.M. Danielson
Music & sound design by: Jesse Cornett
Script by: Dustin Koski and Jesse Cornett
Original artwork by: David Romero


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