G.M. Danielson



Grant “G.M.” Danielson is the host of The Simply Scary Podcast, as well as a regularly featured voice talent on the program, at Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, and on his own YouTube channel, where he provides his own readings of horror fiction, poetry, and novels. Besides an enthusiastic fan of horror fiction, Danielson is also an accomplished author, musician, sound engineer, ASMR-tist and graphic designer.


Danielson has loved books since childhood. His parents frequently read to him, and he actively participated in readings by asking questions at the turn of every page. His love of books soon blossomed into a love of writing, and throughout high-school he wrote voraciously about everything from mystery to Jack-London-style adventures.


When he is not lending his luxurious overtones to retelling tales of the macabre, Danielson is a graduate student in college, and between his classes in English literature, Medieval drama, and creative fiction, he devotes his time to American folk and bluegrass music, piano, writing, reading, poetry, studying wolves, and above all, his devoted husky, Milashka.

Featured Performances

The Forgetful House (Season 1, Episode 10)

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