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Jeff Clement



Jeff Clement is a voice actor, audio producer, musician, and YouTuber, as well as a producer and regular on the NoSleep Podcast.

Hailing from the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Jeff Clement is a man of many talents: voice actor, musician, sound designer, audio producer, graphic designer and web developer. Creating works of sound from his home studio, Jeff’s work has been featured on commercial and artistic projects alike.

His ability to bring dynamic, emotive characters to life paired with his distinctive “cinematic immersion” sound as a producer puts listeners right inside the story with the characters themselves.

Since the creation of his YouTube channel, Jeff has become a producer and voice actor for the multiple Parsec Award winning The NoSleep Podcast and a contributor to several other podcasts such as Small Town Horror and Sirenicide, as well as Chilling Tales for Dark Nights.

Through his involvement in numerous diverse audio projects, Jeff has had the opportunity to collaborate with content creators and talent both small and large, including prominent YouTubers like Markiplier, Tay Zonday, Manga Minx, HarshlyCritical and Rob Dyke. He has also produced a story featuring actor Daniel Radcliffe, had his voice featured in music by the band CRUX and adapted a story by screenwriter Max Landis; a few of his personal highlights.

Jeff’s YouTube channel features cinematic, high quality audio productions with dramatic performances of short fiction and monologues; remixes and cover songs; original music and more. It is his online catalog of creative projects and collaborations.

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