Ronnie Dickison

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Ronnie Dickison is a voice actor, composer, sound designer and graphic designer. He narrates horror stories, NoSleep stories, and creepypastas on his YouTube channel, the Dark Somnium. He also composes original theme music for the stories he performers, which you can hear on his channel or on Spotify, iTunes and more.

Lead Performer in the Following Episodes

Daily Darkness – Episode 21 – “The Agoraphobic Journals”
Published September 21, 2018 – Episode Length: 0:37:25

Daily Darkness – Episode 14 – “Psychosis”
Published September 14, 2018 – Episode Length: 0:41:25

Daily Darkness – Episode 7 – “I Stole a Laptop”
Published September 7, 2018 – Episode Length: 0:35:48

Supporting Performer in the Following Episodes

This performer has not yet been featured in any supporting roles.