Waking Nightmare – Chapter 1

We present to you Chapter 1 of Waking Nightmare, narrated by Dr. Creepen, and starring Jason Hill.

In Chapter 1 of Waking Nightmare, written by the Dark Scholar as based on a winning writing prompt from Steven Wright – and narrated by Dr. Creepen, and starring Jason Hill (also featuring Kristin Holland) – our unlucky (and unnamed) protagonist awakes to find himself in a strange place, with no idea how or when he got there, or what he is meant to do next. When he sets out to get his bearings, he finds evidence to suggest he has indeed been there before, more times than he can imagine, or wants to.



This program is intended for mature audiences, and may contain strong language, adult themes, and content of a violent and sexual nature, which may not be appropriate for everyone. Listener discretion is advised.


Waking Nightmare is part of an ongoing, serialized collaborative interactive horror storytelling series, presented by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, and written by the members of our listening audience, each and every week.

To submit the next chapter, simply write it, and then submit it as a comment on the YouTube video embedded on this page, with the word “Chapter” and chapter number on the first line. The limit on the length of a YouTube comment is currently 9,500 characters, or about 1,866 words. To ensure your chapter is submitted successfully, be sure not to exceed these limits.

If your comment posts successfully, you may consider your chapter accepted, and it will be considered for production, and can be voted upon immediately by the viewing audience. Voting will go for one week, and after that point, the submission with the most up-votes will be declared the winner, and will be adapted to audio as the next official chapter in the series.

A word of caution: entries which have been edited after their initial posting will be deemed ineligible, so be sure to double-check your work before posting. If changes are needed after you’ve submitted your work, you will need to delete your original comment and re-post it from scratch.

And if your chapter doesn’t turn heads one week, don’t get discouraged. Each chapter will present another opportunity for you to determine where the story goes, and another chance to have your installment selected by the audience.

Thank you all for listening, and for participating in the “Waking Nightmare.” We look forward to seeing where you make this story go.

Executive produced and directed by: Craig Groshek

Produced by: Craig Groshek

Hosted by: Steve Taylor
Narrated by: Dr. Creepen
Sound design by: Chazz Ravenelle and Felipe Ojeda
Original music by: Felipe Ojeda

Concept by: Craig Groshek

Audio program © 2018 Chilling Entertainment, LLC – All Rights Reserved. No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Chilling Entertainment, LLC. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.


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