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 If you are looking to have our team perform or produce your story solely (or partly) for commercial and/or promotional purposes, which may or may not include publication on our program and or YouTube channels, do not submit your story here. Instead, use our contact page to send a message describing your project and what your budget is, and we’ll contact you to consult with you regarding next steps.

Submit a Story

Chilling Entertainment, LLC
PO Box 823
Plover, WI 54467
United States

submissions (at)

Chilling Entertainment, LLC Story Submission

Terms, Conditions & Guidelines

By submitting your story for consideration for publication on websites, YouTube channels, and/or podcast programs which we produce, including but not limited to The Simply Scary  Podcast, you warrant that:

  • You are the proper copyright holder of the material being submitted.
  • The material being submitted is original and not currently in the public domain.
  • The material being submitted contains no libelous or other unlawful material, and that it does not infringe upon the copyright or violate any other right of any person or party.
  • You have the legal authority to enter into an agreement with Chilling Entertainment, LLC concerning the use of your original submitted material should it be accepted for production and/or adaptation.
  •  Your rights to license your material to Chilling Entertainment, LLC are not subject to any agreement, lien, or other claim or rights already in existence which may interfere with those rights which you intend to grant.
  • Your agree to indemnify and hold harmless Chilling Entertainment, LLC against any and all claims, actions, demands, etc. arising from the publication and/or adaptation of your original material. This includes, but is not limited to, actions involving plagiarism, fraud, and theft, as well as any damages, including attorney’s fees, finally sustained in any suit involving Chilling Entertainment, LLC or its licensees by reason of a violation of any of these warranties.

In addition to the above warranties and indemnities, you agree that you have read and understand the following:

  • Your material is being submitted to Chilling Entertainment, LLC, a for-profit entity established in and subject to the laws and jurisdiction of both the State of Wisconsin and the United States.
  • Your material is being submitted voluntarily and of your own free will, and you were not in any way coerced into submitting the material in question.
  • The submission of your material, or its publication by Chilling Entertainment, LLC does not require that you relinquish your copyright to your content. You retain copyright of your written work.
  • Any audio or video adaptation of your work, once authorized, shall be the property of (and under copyright to) Chilling Entertainment, LLC and you shall have no right to distribute such material, for either commercial or non-commercial purposes, without the direct written consent of an authorized representative of Chilling Entertainment, LLC
  • Absent a separate written agreement which shall provide for such remuneration, you shall receive no monetary compensation in exchange for the adaptation and publication of your material.
  • Chilling Entertainment, LLC shall, in lieu of monetary compensation and to the best of its abilities, assist in promoting you and your work, including offering links back to your personal website(s), social media or other sites where your work is featured, and shall endeavor to offer additional publishing and marketing opportunities whenever possible.
  • The submission of your material does not guarantee acceptance and/or publication of your story, its adaptation, or that you shall receive anything from  us other than an automated response, and Chilling Entertainment, LLC is under no obligation to provide a response within any particular period of time, or at all.
  • Should your material be accepted for publication and/or adaptation, we will credit you by either your full legal name, or by an assumed name of your choice, if you so prefer. Your name will be listed as the credited author on the website, in any downloadable MP3 ID3 tags, in our video descriptions, and in the YouTube videos themselves.
  • Should your material be accepted for publication and/or adaptation, you will be asked to sign a Multimedia Release Form granting Chilling Entertainment, LLC the right to commercially distribute and monetize the audio and/or video adaptations of your written work, and that should you fail to sign the Release, we will be unable to adapt and/or publish your material.
  • Chilling Entertainment, LLC’s rights to the use of your material, upon completion of our Multimedia Release Form, unless otherwise specified in writing, shall be limited, irrevocable and non-exclusive, and are not intended to (and should not) prevent the licensing of your material to others, or from publishing such material elsewhere, or in other mediums of your choosing, including but not limited to alternative audio adaptations.
  • Chilling Entertainment, LLC’s rights to the use of your material, upon completion of our Multimedia Release Form, does not allow for the adaptation of your submitted material to film or for the reprinting of the original or edited forms of your submitted text, and should Chilling Entertainment, LLC have any interest in adapting your material into either of those formats, or others yet to be devised, the company shall endeavor to enter into separate agreements to secure such rights.

The additional following guidelines will further clarify what type of material we are looking for, and that which we aren’t. To increase your chances of your material being read (and accepted), please read the guidelines and ensure your materials meets our needs. Material which violates these guidelines will be rejected.

What We’re Looking For in a Story

  • Original characters (those of your own design)
  • A degree of character development appropriate for the length of your story
  • Complete stories (no partial narratives allowed)
  • Inventive plots (no unauthorized sequels or rehashing of tired tales)
  • Stories written from either 1st or 3rd person perspectives
  • Impeccable grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Limited, appropriate use of gore and/or violence (no glorification, promotion or encouraging of violence for its own sake)
  • Limited (or zero) use of profanity
  • Mild (or zero) sexual or erotic content, and nothing of a pornographic nature

File Format & Story Formatting Requirements

  • Fully editable file format (i.e. Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Rich Text)
  • Full line breaks between unidented paragraphs (web content-style)
  • Uniform font and font size employed throughout the submission
  • Appropriate use of capitalization (no typing in all caps, or use of capitalization to indicate screaming)
  • Inclusion of relevant author and document details at the top of the story, as follows:

John Doe
123 Fake Street
Fakesylvania, NY 12345
Phone: (555) 555-5555
Word Count: 2,300

What Happens After My Story has Been Submitted?

  • Watch for an automated response email from the following email: producers (at)  (be sure your email address was listed correctly, or you will not get the email)
  • If you don’t get the automated response, use our contact form to reach out and ensure we received your submission
  • Wait to hear from us (we will contact you only if we are interested in the story)

Thank you very much for your submission and for your interest in our services!