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Christa Carmen lives in Westerly, Rhode Island with her husband and a beagle who rivals her in stubbornness. 

Carmen’s work has been featured in a myriad of anthologies, ezines, and podcasts, including Unnerving Magazine, Fireside Fiction, Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 2, Tales to Terrify, Third Flatiron’s Strange Beastiesand Alban Lake’s Only the Lonely.

Outpost 28 Issue 2 is available now from Elvelon Press, featuring Christa’s short story, “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,” and her debut collection, “Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked,” will be available in August 2018 from Unnerving.

Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked” consists of thirteen tales within the realm of horror & dark speculative fiction: a young mother abandons her miserable life to walk up a mysterious staircase in the woods; a bride-to-be comes to wish that the door between the physical and spiritual worlds had stayed shut on All Hallows’ Eve; a lone passenger on a midnight train finds that the engineer has rerouted them toward a past she’d prefer to forget.

Visit for more details, and to check out Christa’s additional forthcoming fiction in Outpost 28 Issue 3 and Quantum Corsets’ Her Dark Voice Volume 2.

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