Christopher Maxim

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Christopher Maxim is an aspiring horror writer. “I say horror,” Maxim says, “but I tend to lean towards the strange and unnatural. Despite this, a lot of my stories are based on actual events and/or locations. I like to take something real and add a pinch of the supernatural. The result is hopefully both unsettling and intriguing. I hope my readers enjoy these tales as much as I enjoy writing them.”

Maxim started writing stories many years ago, but didn’t take it seriously until he joined the creepypasta community. “The unnerving nature of creepypasta is what sparked my interest in horror,” Maxim says. “I began uploading stories online, and to my surprise, people actually liked them. Before long, I even wrote a book.”

Maxim found that his interest had become a passion. He now spends most of his free time writing stories, and uncovering strange mysteries that his mind strings together into narratives. “I have to admit,” Maxim says, “it certainly is a fun job. It wouldn’t be so fun without you, the readers, there to uncover the mysteries with me. Thank you for your continued interest in the stories and characters I create. I will create many more in the years to come.”