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Jackson Laughlin is a Colorado native, and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he is pursuing a J.D. at the Harvard Law School. Before attending law school, Laughlin earned a B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science and Political Science from the University of Kansas. He spends his days studying the law. At night, he spends his time reading horror and penning his own short stories.

Laughlin’s short stories appear regularly on Reddit’s “Nosleep” and “Shortscarystories” subreddit and his work has appeared frequently in audio adaptations. His work has been featured on numerous YouTube channels and podcasts including The Cursed Inn Podcast, The Irrational Fears Podcast, and The Nosleep Podcast.

Laughlin’s work is inspired by the work of Ray Bradbury, David Lynch, Stephen King, and Richard Adams (amongst others). Many of Laughlin’s tales take place in the fictional town of Giliman, Colorado – a homage to his origins in suburbia and the rural mountain towns he experienced as a child in Colorado.

To learn more about the author and read more eerie tales of Giliman, Colorado, please check out his author page at www.facebook.com/jlaughlinhorror

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