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Kevin David Anderson was born in Indiana, and currently lives and writes speculative fiction in Southern California. Before becoming a full-time writer and active member of the HWA, Anderson earned a B. A. in Mass Communication (TCOM) with a focus on Media Production from CSUF, and worked as a marketing professional for more than a decade, during which he managed award-winning campaigns for both television and radio.

Anderson’s debut novel, Night of the Living Trekkies, from Quirk Books, the publisher of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, is a funny, offbeat Zombie novel that explores the pop culture carnage that ensues when the undead crash a Star Trek convention. Publishers Weekly gave Night of the Living Trekkies a starred review and the Washington Post listed it as one of the top five Zombie novels of 2010. In his follow up novel, Night of the ZomBEEs, Anderson dives into YA with a Zombie Comedy that mashes together James Bond fandom with Apiphobia – the fear of bees.

Anderson’s short stories have appeared in more than eighty publications including the Bram Stoker nominated anthology, The Beauty of Death (from Independent Legions Publishing). His latest releases are contributions to the Halloween edition of Unnerving Magazine, the anthology California’ Screamin’ from the San Diego chapter of the Horror Writers Association, and the upcoming anthologies Automobilia and the post-Trump presidency-inspired collection, After the Orange. His short story collection, Night Sounds, with an introduction by Jason Hill, will debut at MidSummer Scream this July in Long Beach California.

With a lifelong passion for monsters, the walking dead, and all things that go bump in the night, Anderson was a guest at the first-ever Zombie Culture convention, ZomBcon held in Seattle 2010, with other zombie / horror genre icons like George A. Romero, Bruce Campbell, and Max Brooks. To learn more about the author, please visit his website at

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