Michael Whitehouse



Michael Whitehouse is a Glasgow, UK-based self-published horror author, independent filmmaker, and amateur actor, who contributes frequently to the Reddit NoSleep forum, the creepypasta community, and to various podcasts. 

Whitehouse reports that he owes his love for telling stories to his father, who read Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” when he was a child. As Whitehouse grew up, his father continued to tell him stories, some based on local myths and legends, along with original tales and classic literature by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe. To this day, Whitehouse credits his father for his imagination and interest in the fantastic and macabre. 

Whitehouse is also the proud owner of independent horror publisher Ghastly Tales Publishing, where his stated goal is “to produce only the finest in horror novels, anthologies, and graphic novels to leave our readers horrified, enthralled, and speechless.”