Episode 10 – “The Tell-Tale Heart” – Daily Darkness

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Episode 10 - "The Tell-Tale Heart" – Daily Darkness

Welcome to Episode 10 of Daily Darkness, hosted by Steve Taylor.

In this episode of Daily Darkness, our tale of terror comes to us from Kristin Holland his program, Nocturnal Transmissions. If you enjoy what you hear, you can listen to more of them on YouTube, or on their website. And of course, on iTunes and wherever else podcasts can be found. You can also follow the show on Facebook and Instagram to get their latest updates.

Tonight’s tale, written by the late, great Edgar Allan Poe and originally published in 1843, is voiced by Kristin Holland. Original score by Jesse Cornett. Sound design by Kristin Holland.

We present to you: “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

For full episode details, see the episode page on our website today:

Daily Darkness – Episode 10 – “The Tell-Tale Heart”

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