Tales by Cole – Episode 60 – “The Terror of Grindr Named Mark Latunski”



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Welcome to Episode 60 of Tales by Cole, starring Cole Weavers.

Mark Latunski was working as a self-employed chemist according to his LinkedIn page, but LinkedIn wasn’t the only social platform he was on, and for much darker reasons. Mark’s crimes traumatized a community, and went largely unreported due to the nature of those crimes. In this episode, we revisit two old “911 Calls with Cole” episodes to bring light to the terrors of Mark Latunski.


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Podcast executive produced and directed by: Cole Weavers
Podcast produced by Cole Weavers
Podcast hosted by: Cole Weavers
Performed by: Cole Weavers
Sound design by: Cole Weavers
Script by: Cole Weavers

Audio program © 2021 Cole Weavers – All Rights Reserved. No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Cole Weavers.

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