The Town Whispers – Chapter 20 – “The Lessons of Edith Blackleech (Part 1)”



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Welcome to Season 1, Chapter 20 of The Town Whispers, starring Cole Weavers.

Edith Blackleech, Mildred’s mother, has lots to teach. Mildred is unwilling to hear what she has to say. The distance between mother and daughter sets the events of the future in motion. Young Mildred just wants a normal life – but maybe her unwillingness to look past what makes her comfortable is what makes her ideal life impossible to attain.


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Podcast executive produced and directed by: Cole Weavers
Podcast produced by Cole Weavers
Podcast hosted by: Cole Weavers
Performed by: Cole Weavers
Sound design by: Matt Black
Theme song by: Charlie Pears-Smith
Script by: Cole Weavers

Audio program © 2021 Cole Weavers – All Rights Reserved. No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Cole Weavers.

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