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Jeffrey Ebright

Jeffrey Ebright - Profile Photo - Cropped


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Born 4 minutes till midnight on Christmas Eve in 1966, Jeffrey was stuffed in a bright red stocking and consequently raised in Dayton, Ohio. He currently resides with his beautiful wife and daughter in a neighborhood filled with condemned, drug seized, burned out, and abandoned houses.

Jeffrey has traveled the Eastern, Southeastern & Midwestern United States extensively and plans on seeing all 50 states before being cremated (22 states down!). 

His impressive list of jobs includes: shoe peddler, telemarketing manager, security guard, administrative assistant, Karaoke host, lamination sales/marketing manager, truck driver, nude model, vacuum cleaner salesperson, construction worker, telecommunications troubleshooter, strip club DJ, copy writer, hazardous material handler, fast food flunky, motivational speaker, commercial artist, Independent professional wrestling booker, toy dealer, Internet talk show host, dog show emcee, lingerie complaint agent, dry waller & experimental medicine patient.

Although writing is his true passion, he is an accomplished pencil and ink artist, community theater actor and Karaoke blues vocalist.

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