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Patrick Zac

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Patrick Zac is a Canadian writer and the sole creator of his website where his growing collection of stories are available to read for free. His work has also appeared on The NoSleep Podcast, Reddit’s NoSleep, Thought Catalog, in his town newspaper, and most recently on the Simply Scary Podcast.

Not limited to the horror genre alone, he uses a writing style that combines parts of both American and British English, as well as using explicit visuals and elements of comic-book storytelling to portray his stories. He often uses colors, strange fonts, or positioning to create interesting effects. It’s his dream to use these techniques to create a variety of works that will change the way people read stories in the future.

A small handful of his major inspirations are Anne Rice, Alan Moore, Clive Barker, George Orwell, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hunter S. Thompson, Lisa Tuttle, and Hideo Kojima.

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