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Reggie Oliver

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Reggie Oliver is, according to Ramsey Campbell,“…quite possibly our finest modern writer of spectral tales,” and, according to Barry Humphries, “by miles the best living exponent of the spooky yarn.”

Born in 1952, he is an actor, director, playwright and award winning author of fiction. Published work includes six plays, three novels, seven volumes of short stories, including Mrs Midnight (2011 winner of Children of the Night Award for best work of supernatural fiction), and, the biography of Stella Gibbons, Out of the Woodshed (Bloomsbury 1998). His stories have appeared in over seventy anthologies and three “selected” editions of his stories have been published: Dramas from the Depths  (Centipede Press, 2010) Shadow Plays (Egeus 2012) and The Sea of Blood (Dark Regions 2015). Recent work includes The Boke of the Divill, a novel (Dark Regions 2017) Holidays from Hell – a collection of stories from Tartarus, and The Hauntings at Tankerton Park and How They Got Rid of Them – a children’s book with over 80 illustrations by the author (Zagava Press). Due in 2018 is an eighth collection of “strange” stories: The Ballet of Dr Caligari and Madder Mysteries from Tartarus. Recently his story “Flowers of the Sea” was included in the Folio Book of Horror Stories  (The Folio Society 2018) among such classic luminaries of the genre as Poe, Lovecraft and M. R. James. He is also an illustrator and has completed illustrations for a De-Luxe edition by Centipede Press of Susan Hill’s classic ghost story The Woman in Black.

The following Tartarus Press listings will lead you to the six collections of Oliver’s stories as published by them, as well as a look at a selection of his illustrations:

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