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Ryan Haddon

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Ryan Haddon was born in Boise, Idaho in 1999, and moved to Utah in his early childhood. “It was in Utah,” Haddon says, “that I learned that there is no fear but that which we feel, and there is no courage but that which we make.”

Haddon began writing in the spring of his freshman year in high school, focusing on scary short stories. In the 10th grade, he abandoned that and turned to the fantasy genre, then to penning mysteries the following year. In his senior year, he dabbled in the authoring of political thrillers.

Upon graduation, Haddon returned to his roots. “I haven’t published any of my work yet,” he says, “but I am working on a series of horror short stories that are heavily inspired by my experience with hauntings and phobias. You can receive news about those on my Instagram. I currently am unemployed or, depending on how you choose to look at it, self-employed.”

Haddon currently resides in Lehi, Utah.

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