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Todd Martin

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Todd Martin grew up in Irvington, a small town in Kentucky. Thanks to his mother, father, and favorite uncle he started watching horror films at a very young age and has been a horror geek ever since. He is basically a walking encyclopedia of horror flicks (especially the 80’s slashers) and has been writing for the biggest majority of his life. His first book, Nightmare Tales was published in 2006 and he has had several short stories published in a number of horror collections as well as on since then. He also enjoys writing screenplays and wrote the segment entitled “Angel” which appeared in the 2004 film Tales from the Grave 2: Happy Holidays.

His short script Lucky was one of the winners of the Unscripted 3 screenwriting contest and the film was voted the overall winner of the film festival itself. He currently writes articles, conducts interviews, and reviews movies and books for and has been known to act from time to time as he has appeared in a handful of low budget horror films. He resides in Kentucky with his wife Trish, their cats Buffy and Willow, their wiener dog, Cujo, and their newest puppy B.B.

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