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Clancy woke up on the side of a Midwestern highway in mid-2017 with a mysterious case of amnesia. The only items on him were his pants, shoes, and a small card in his pocket that said “C L A N C Y”.

The only memories unaffected by the case were recollections of fictional stories, and Clancy soon fell in love with the art of storytelling. Clancy now runs the YouTube channel “ClancyPasta“, narrating creepypastas and horror stories published on the web.

Lead Performer in the Following Episodes

Daily Darkness – Episode 11 – “What My Father Left For Me”
Published September 11, 2018 – Episode Length: 0:34:28

Daily Darkness – Episode 4 – “Am I Dreaming, or Am I the Dream?”
Published September 4, 2018 – Episode Length: 0:23:14

Supporting Performer in the Following Episodes

This performer has not yet been featured in any supporting roles.