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Jesse Brown is a 22-year-old old lover of horor, who by day is a quality control technician, and by night narrates under the alias, The Voice of Insanity.

“I think if I look back on my life,” Brown says, “the biggest reason why I got into horror would be my dad. Even when I was just a little kid, he would find something horror-esque to get me into. It started out with science-fiction (which I am to this day a huge fan of) which then kind of rolled into ‘kid-friendly’ horror like Goosebumps, and then that eventually turned into Tales from the Crypt and Creep Show. As for what got me into narration, well that’s easy. I love stories – and I love telling them. Whether it be written or spoken, I love taking ideas and turning them into stories that people can enjoy over and over. Now throw all that together, and that’s what brings me to this competition. I aim to give the audience my very best, and I hope to bring them stories that chill them to the bone.”

Brown was also a contestant in the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights 2018 Evil Idol voice acting competition.

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