The Simply Scary Podcast – Season 1, Episode 18 – “Slay Bells Ring”

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Welcome to Season 1, Episode 18 of The Simply Scary Podcast. Our seventeenth in our series is once again hosted by G.M. Danielson.

As the stockings are hung, the Hanukkah candles are lit, and as we practice the seven principles of Kwanzaa, we all try to be a little less impatient and more forgiving at this time of year. Even those who do not celebrate ritual December holidays seem to have a glow about them as the Gregorian calendar approaches the zero hour. We here at The Simply Scary Podcast are no different, in that we feel the spirits of Christmas as we prepare you for Yuletide scares. So settle your debts and fill a cup with the nog of your choice, as we invite the first of many haunting spirits to visit us tonight. And listen closely as you hear those “Slay Bells Ring.”

“‘Twas the Night Before Krampus” written by Craig Groshek and performed by Peter Bishop. Production and score by Jesse Cornett. A well-known holiday standard has been tweaked to give it a Simply Scary update for our purposes. Gather round and hold each other tight, because there’s a new Santa in town.

“Christmas Land” written by Elias Witherow and performed by Ronnie Dickison. Production and score by Ronnie DickisonWhen an unfortunate tike wishes for the type of special memories he sees his peers experience during this season of delight and merriment, he soon finds his own experience something truly unforgettable, and not in a good way.

“The Perfectly Behaved Boy” written by Thomas O. Wagner and performed by Kailaan Scott Carter. Production and score by Jesse Cornett. We’ve all said things that we didn’t really mean and later regretted it, but the little boy at the center of this tale unleashes more than he bargained for when he angrily curses his parents, setting into motion a life-changing Christmas story.

Podcast executive produced and directed by: Craig Groshek
Podcast produced by: Jesse Cornett
Podcast hosted by: G.M. Danielson
Music & sound design by: Jesse Cornett and Ronnie Dickison
Script by: Jesse Cornett
Original artwork by: David Romero

Audio program © 2016 Chilling Entertainment, LLC – All Rights Reserved. No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Chilling Entertainment, LLC. The copyrights for individually featured stories are held by the respective authors.


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