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Luke Hodgkinson

Luke Hodgkinson - Profile Photo (Cropped)


Luke Hodgkinson is UK-based freelance audio engineer and sound designer, and a 2011 graduate from the LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts), who is passionate about sound, tailoring each element of the audio to enhance the user’s experience. Of his projects, Hodgkinson says, “There is nothing that cannot be achieved when a successful collaboration comes together in harmony.”

Hodgkinson endeavors to tell stories by crafting powerful narratives through the production of sound effects and music.  A musician by heart, he has transposed his passion through the use of mixed media, realizing world class productions time and again. He prides himself on “bringing with them the flare, timing and semiotics our ears know and love,” and revels in the art of achieving the results needed to further his clients’ development, business and extended network.