The Simply Scary Podcast is a 60+ minute-long horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, hosted by talented author and voice actor G.M. Danielson, spun off from the Simply Scary series as featured on its predecessor Chilling Tales for Dark Nights‘ and its popular YouTube channel of the same name. The show features a myriad of talented vocal performers and the work of dozens of independent and previously-published contributing authors.

The weekly program, with new episodes released every Tuesday, is a product of Chilling Entertainment, LLC, and is executive-produced and directed by the company’s creator Craig Groshek, with sound design and original scores by renowned co-producer and voice talent Jesse Cornett, and scripts written by author Dustin Koski.

The Simply Scary Podcast – and all of Chilling Entertainment, LLC’s programs – are wholly independent and their production is made possible by the patronage of fans pledging monthly support (to sign up to pledge your support today, click here now), the generosity of large and small-business sponsors (for information on how you too can promote your company or products and support the program at the same time, visit our Advertising page today), and through the sale of related merchandise and advertising revenue from the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights YouTube channel.

Patrons who support our program monthly enjoy instantaneous access to the our company’s entire spectrum of audio productions, as well as access to live events and advance copies of new releases. Listeners can sign up to support our work today at: www.chillingtalesfordarknights.com/support-us/

The material featured on The Simply Scary Podcast is drawn from a variety of sources, and the producers of the program are proud to offer opportunities to first-time authors. The podcast further cultivates and encourages the production of new and never-before-seen material  via its year-round acceptance of unsolicited story submissions and via a regular series of writing contests. Voice talent interested in being heard on the program can also submit performances at any time for consideration.

Chilling Entertainment, LLC was created in 2012, and endeavors to bring audio theater “back from the dead” via the adaptation of tales written by a variety of authors, both published and unpublished. Specializing in the production of audio entertainment, short films and published works spanning a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres, the company is perhaps most well known for its immersive high-quality audio productions, which often feature full casts, professional voice acting, high-quality sound effects and customized musical scores.

As of late 2016 the YouTube channel for Chilling Entertainment, LLC’s flagship brand – Chilling Tales for Dark Nights – boasted 800+ video releases, 16.8+ million accumulated video views, and more than 153,000 subscribers, and has had the pleasure of adapting fiction penned by the likes of New York Times bestselling authors such as Rachel Simon and Bram Stoker award winners including Melanie Tem. On the channel, listeners can enjoy not only a collection of full-cast  productions, but also several series of podcast-style programs and stand-alone tales, including celebrity guest performances by the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, New York Times bestselling fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss, and multi-million subscriber YouTube personalities such as Mark “Markiplier” FischbachCryaoticTay Zonday, and Rob Dyke.

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The Simply Scary Podcast.

No Bells, No Whistles. Just Scary.

G.M. Danielson


Podcast Host & Voice Talent

Grant “G.M.” Danielson is the host of The Simply Scary Podcast, as well as a regularly featured voice talent on the program, at Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, and on his own YouTube channel, where he provides his own readings of horror fiction, poetry, and novels. Besides an enthusiastic fan of horror fiction, Danielson is also an accomplished author, musician, sound engineer, ASMR-tist and graphic designer.

Steve Taylor


Associate Producer & Voice Talent

Steve Taylor was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1970. Reared in the papermill town of Crossett, Arkansas, Steve got his start in front of a microphone at the age of fifteen, working for one the local radio stations in Magnolia, Arkansas. His journey from then and there to here has taken Steve (and his voice) to great destinations that include Knoxville, Tennessee, Huntsville, Alabama, and his current home base on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. His skills have earned him over eighty Mississippi Association of Broadcasters awards, a dozen ADDY awards, and two Silver Microphones. Steve’s also a meteorologist, practicing those wares at WXXV Television in Gulfport, Mississippi. Steve continues his pursuits in the voice over world, auditioning for every commercial, radio, and television script that comes his way. Steve is the station imaging voice for KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, California, as well as the amazing KIIS-FM in Sydney, Australia, among other stations.

Luke Hodgkinson


Associate Producer

Luke Hodgkinson is UK-based freelance audio engineer and sound designer, and a 2011 graduate from the LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts), who is passionate about sound, tailoring each element of the audio to enhance the user’s experience. Of his projects, Hodgkinson says, “There is nothing that cannot be achieved when a successful collaboration comes together in harmony.”

David Romero


Lead Art Director, Staff Illustrator, Staff Animator & Staff Video Editor

David Romero is the born-in Tucson, AZ, Texas-based lead art director for The Simply Scary Podcast, as well as a staff illustrator, animator and video editor, skilled in the production of a variety of mediums.  A graduate from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, Romero’s illustration work can be seen on his DeviantArt page, where he has been an active contributor for more than 6 years, and on his Tumblr blog. His animation portfolio available for viewing publicly on Vimeo.

Jesse Cornett


Co-Director, Executive Producer & Voice Talent

Jesse Cornett is the Wisconsin-based audio engineer, sound designer and composer behind the signature sound of True & Scary Stories and other Chilling Entertainment podcasts, including The Simply Scary Podcast and South of Sinister. He is also a regularly featured voice talent, and has been a long-time contributor to both Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and The NoSleep Podcast. Prior to working on True & Scary Stories, Cornett produced over two dozen episodes of Chilling Tales: The Podcast.

Dustin Koski


Staff Writer

Dustin Koski is the staff script writer for The Simply Scary Podcast, as well as a regular contributor to ToptenzListverse and the We Love to Watch podcast. He and his brother Adam Koski are also the co-authors of the fantasy novel Forust: A Tale of Magic Gone Wrong, available now on Amazon, and have a serialized podcast in development. Prior to working on The Simply Scary Podcast, Koski was the staff writer behind Chilling Tales: The Podcast. Koski currently resides in River Falls, Wisconsin.

Christoper Buza


Director of Research & Development / Staff Editor

Christopher Buza is a lifelong fan of the supernatural, from Tolkien to Lovecraft to Carpenter. He expresses this passion through his work as a writer, editor, musician and library assistant. He earned his Bachelor’s in English Literature from Fairfield University in Connecticut. Aside from his work with Chilling Entertainment, he works as a freelance editor. 

Craig Groshek


Director & Executive Producer

Craig Groshek, a University of Wisconsin graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, is the CEO and director of Chilling Entertainment, LLC, the media company responsible for brands including Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and The Simply Scary Podcast. He is also a voice talent, graphic designer, website administrator, editor, author, devoted husband, and the father of three wonderful boys.

Charlie Davenport


Staff Editor & Content Manager

Charlie Davenport is an Army veteran from Little Compton, Rhode Island. He holds a Master’s degree in criminal psychology and uses his life experience to bring color to the traditional world of horror. An amateur writer of dark stories, Davenport believes that it is always scarier to find the unknown in your everyday life. He believes that the horrors that are around every corner or at the edge of the light on a dark night are where we learned to be scared of the dark in the first place.